Cabinet Affairs Minister: Civil Registry is strategic project

Khartoum – Minister of Cabinet Affairs Eng. Khaled Omer Yusuf has affirmed the state’s concern with the civil registry project, as it is one of the strategic projects that the state relies on in reforming its institutions.

This came when the minister paid an inspection visit today to the General Directorate of Civil Registry at the Ministry of Interior, accompanied by the Minister of Communications and Digital Transformation, in the presence of Minister of Interior Gen. (police) Izz-Eddin Al-Shiekh Ali and Director General of Police Forces Gen. (police) Khaled Mahdi Ibrahim.

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs stated in a press statement that the civil registry is one of the most important institutions that the state relies on to bring about the desired change in reforming state institutions by providing them with data and information, which is one of the priorities of the government of the transitional period

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