COVID-19 worldwide deaths hit 5 million: India adds over 20,000 cases for 3rd straight day

India added over 20,000 COVID-19 for the third straight day Friday, Ministry of Health data showed. Active cases in the country fell by 1,334 and the recovered rose by over 25,000. Over 230 people succumbed to the virus.
According to the data, the positivity rate has fallen to 1.70 percent, from 1.76 percent earlier. The recovery rate is currently at 97.86 percent and the mortality rate at 1.33 percent.
Over 14 lakh people got themselves tested for the virus the other day. And nearly 70 lakh people were vaccinated. Combining this data, India total cases stand at 3.38 crores, active cases at 2.73 lakh, and deaths at 4.48 lakh.
Worldwide deaths related to COVID-19 surpassed 5 million on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, as the Delta variant causes a surge in fatalities, mainly among the unvaccinated.
More than half of the world has yet to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Our World in Data.
It took almost over a year for the COVID-19 death toll to hit 2.5 million, while the next 2.5 million deaths were recorded in 236 days, according to a Reuters analysis. More than half of all global deaths reported on a seven-day average were in the United States, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and India.
Globally an average of 8,000 deaths was reported daily over the last week, accounting for five deaths every minute.
(With inputs from Reuters)

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