Seriouse Quistions about the head of the judicial Abu Sibeha

Wajdi: Dismantling continues even in justice and judicial organs

Khartoum, Oct. 5 (SUNA) The member of the Committee for Dismantling of June 30 Regime and Recover of Public Funds, affirmed that the head of the judicial department, Abu Sibeha, who issued a judicial decisions today, had a declared prior opinion in the dismantling law and committee, and issued the decisions without asking for the facts or files concerning the decision.

Wajdi asserted awareness of all the plans set against the committee which will proceed with its project of dismantling in the political and legal bodies that obstruct the building the state of law.

The dismantling committee held today’s evening a press conference in response to the judicial decisions issued by the Appeals Department of the Supreme Court, during which Wajdi Salih indicated the committee respect to the judiciary, its work to enforce the law, asserting that the committee’s work is against the remnants and their presence in the state apparatus in order to put the transitional period on the right track.

He pointed to the law of the dismantling of the 30th of June clarification the methods of grievance against its decisions, and stipulated how these decisions should be appealed, noting to the committee’s formation by a joint meeting between the Sovereign and the Ministers Councils and by a decision issued by the Sovereignty Council.

He indicated the committee’s members’ repeated request for the formation of appeal committee so that the complainants would not be harmed by the committee’s decisions, wondering why the appeals committee had not been formed until today.

Wajdi pointed to the former chief justice response to the Sovereign Council confirmed that the committee would not consider any ruling without a decision from the Appeals Committee.

He pointed to the procedural and objective nature of the dismantling law, indicating the law of dismantling supremacy in the case of conflict with any other law.

He pointed to the empowerment committee submission to a request to the committee’s chairman, Judge Abu Sebiha, to the chief justice and the deputy chief justice that justice requires his stepping down from the committee with no response to the request.

Wagdi indicated readiness to face all the challenges and conspiracies being planned against the revolution, stressing that the committee has lists containing the membership of the Islamic Movement, the National Congress and People’s Security.

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