Sudanese security forces, continued raiding terrorist cells in Khartoum

alyurae -Khartoum- Joint Sudanese forces units from the army, intelligence and rapid support using heavy weapons and a helicopter carried out a raid the third of its kind against a terrorist cell south of Khartoum, in what shows a continuous chase of terrorism for days.

Media sources today said ongoing raid targeted a terrorist cell, in a 5-storey building in the southern area of ​​Khartoum.

During the raid, an exchange of fire in the vicinity of the terrorist cell could be heard.

Eyewitnesses in the region pointed out to heavey gunmachine sound, they seemed to be an exchange between the terrorist and security forces. The security forces later reported
that two suspects were arrested and the authorities confiscated computers, weapons and bombs making equpment

The locals have seen the beginning of these operations against the first south of Khartoum cell, last week,in which 5 security solders were killed and they arrested 11 terrorists.
In the second raid on Tuesday, Sudanese security forces arrested foreign elements in the Jebra avenue southern of Khartoun and three killed , Its understood to be followers of the armed wing of the Military Arm of the Brotherhood in Egypt.
Press Releases said on Friday that the operation on Tusday manged to kill the Mufti of the Islamic state in Sudan as well as the mastermind of the terrorist cell called Akram Abdul Majid

Since Monday, the South Khartoum region has been the seenery of an armed confrontation between Sudanese security forces and elements of terrorist cells, who take advantage of renting the buildings and apartments there where there is foreign presence, to hide.

The Public Intelligence Service in Sudan said on Tuesday that the country “will remain the toughst for the distructive terrorist.”

This came according to a press release of the General Intelligence Service, according to the Sudanese News Agency.

“”We renewed the Covenant that Sudan and our citizens remain tough to the activity of terrorist and terrorist cells.”

“We call for honorable citizens to assist the security services to report any suspicious terrorist activities that are destabilizing the country,” he said.

He stressed that “security forces will make every effort to follow up and dismantle activities and pockets of terrorist cells in the country.”

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