Daglo: We Will Hand Over Police and Intelligence Service to Elected Government

Khartoum, Oct.(SUNA)-The First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC), Gen.Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, denied that the military has set exclusion of some persons from the TSC as condition to sit for talks with the civilians.

He said that this statement is mere slander and hypocrisy that has no basis, indicating that the current crisis has shown them that the ambition of civilians is in chairs, while their thinking as soldiers is focused on how to get the country out of the crisis it is experiencing now.

Daglo said ‘By Alla we have not grip on chairs and those persons are talking about the chairs only and no person talk about our country and this is shameful.”.

He stressed, while he was addressing a delegation of teachers of Sudanese Certificate Examination ’s Control, adherence to affiliation of police and Intelligence Service to the military side and that they would not be left to be used for oppressing citizens.

Daglo added that they would hand over police and the intelligence service to elected government only, saying there will be no rule of qaraqosh again.

Daglo surprised over demands that called for affiliation of police and intelligence service to civilians, disclosing that some had, until recently, attacked the two services, and called them the most horrific services, and now they are racing to join them.


He pointed out that the intelligence service had demonstrated a rare efficiency in confronting the terrorist cells.

The First Vice-President of the TSC revealed that about 11,000 police had submitted their resignations due to low salaries.

The TSC First Vice-President said they kept silent for violation of the Constitutional Document by the civilians for favor of the country, stressing that they are not against the change and civilian as some propagated, giving evident that the military side did not expense the sum500 million dollars that it had until formation of the civilian governemnt to help it steering the country’s affairs.

He stated that they were kept silent at the request of the brothers and the Prime Minister, and we do not want an escalation, and described the talk about linking our sitting with the expulsion of some members of the Sovereign Council as a lie and shameful, unveiling that portraying what is running now that handing over the chair of the TSC to civilians as a lie and shameful, , affirming that they are not talking about chairs in a country that hovering over abyss.

The TSC First Vice-President explained that they did not discuss the matter of handing over the presidency of the TSC to civilians, and it is not on their agenda at the moment in terms that the time of the matter has not come yet.

Daglo stressed that he is keen on the results of the investigation committee into the sit-in dispersal of the General Command, and said that he had inquired the Prime Minister Hamdouk more than 5 times about the results, saying we would not be threatened by Investigation Committee, stressing that he is very keen over releasing its results but, he added, we would not intervene in its work as it is a legal and technical committee, and he continued, “We hope to see the results of the committee’s report today before tomorrow.”

Daglo has expressed mercy on the souls of the martyrs from the military and civilians, saying that they had sacrificed their lives for the sake of this country.”

Daglo ridiculed the attempts of some politicians to trade in the blood of the martyrs by calling for stand in mercy of lives of martyrs, saying that the Forces of Freedom and Change should have stood in mourning for the martyrs from the first day, or on the first day of entering the Council of Ministers, or on the first day enter the Sovereignty Council or in the Hall friendship or anywhere and he asked why do you stand for them tonight only.

The TSC First Vice-President and Comamnder of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), meanwhile, stated that the coup attempt that was thwarted during the past few days was confronted by the honorable members of the armed forces, including officers and non-commissioned officers of the army, stressing that the process of confronting the coup attempt was managed with high professionalism.

Daglo said the coup attempt was our responsibility and had we failed as military we would not seek support from civilians but the issue was under our control and no gun was shot out and that all the masterminds of the coup attempt are now in prisons and they confessed and that their statements would be make public for the Sudanese people.

He said that the steps that have been taken during the past days were with knowledge of Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdouk, adding that we have not taken the steps alone, and the Prime Minister was a partner with us in every step and we are talking about the collapse of the country since two years ago

Daglo acknowledged the rights of teachers and their just issues, and said that they face a difficult situation, explaining that they worked to correct the Sudanese certificate examinations in harsh health and economic conditions.

He underlined that teachers sacrificed for the Sudanese people and did their duty, explaining that the progress of peoples depends on attention being paid to education, teachers, curriculum, students and the creation of conducive environment.

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