Petition calls for the resignation of General Al-Burhan and his deputy Hamidati reaps a large number of signatures

Campaigners calling for President and Deputy Sovereign Council of Sudan to step down revealed that the list of signatures of the petition jumped to 16,000 signatures within 72 hours of its presentation and said that they are betting on the success of the campaign to collect enough signatures and that it will lead to proof that General al-Burhan and Hamidi are committed to power and have no popularity that will enable them to continue governing. and to prove to the country and the outside world because they’re holding on power in.
an illegal rule. The campaigners announced their intention to go down to the campaign on the ground in the second phase through the distribution of formats in coordination with the resistance committees and explained that the technical team consisting of fifteen members has finished preparing for the formation of 40 committees of the Parliament on the internet and that the technical team consists of experts and jurists who do not have political affiliations
There is currently an exchange of accusations between the military component of the transitional government and the civilian component.

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