Sudan Professionals Association demands the delivery of power to the civilians and handing over of Al-Bashir to the ICC

Alyurae – A statement by the Sudanese professionals Association late on Monday called for the formation of a revolutionary legislature in which all the forces of the revolution represented as demanded by the statement on behalf of the Joint Chamber of the protesters, to hand over power to civilians in the country.

The statement also called for the delivery of the wanted for the International Criminal Court immediately.

The Sudanese professionals’ are the voice of the  December revolution, which has signed an understanding agreement with the parties that joined the revolution under the slogan of freedom and change forces that led the negotiating with the military to hand over power, but the parties after a long conflict decided to participate in a transitional constitution with specific program.
But in the past period a significant schism happened amid the gathering of professionals as well as parties signed to the Charter, are still its repercussions felt today
The current prime minister is in charge of the Executive Board except the Minister of Defense and Interior should work with the sovereign council leaders to establish a transitional legislative council According to the agreement between freedom and change forces and representatives of the military, but this has not yet been tended to and the relationship between the millinery and the PM recently because of the military delay to handed over the presidency of the sovereign council for civilians according to the agreement between them has worsen the situation.
Both of the Sudanese professionals’ faction and the freedom and change forces said they are joining the protest scheduled for 21 October to coincide with Sudan first upraise in 1964.

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