Dr. Al-Asam:”we cannot expanded the base of participation by combining remnants and elements of the former regime”

Khartoum-Alyurae-(SUNA)– The Central Council for Freedom and Change held on Saturday a press conference at the forum of the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) after a delay for due to the storming of SUNA building by unknown circles.

The member of the Central Council of the Forces of the Freedom and Change, Dr. Mohamed Naji Al-Asam, stated that the current political crisis is related to three issues, which are the implementation of the security arrangements and formation of a unified professional army, the civilians’ take-over of the Sovereignty Council’s chairmanship and delivery of the wanted persons to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

He pointed out the massive demonstrations of October 21 have assured the people’s adherence to the civilian democratic transition and rejection of the attempts to block the way for the democratic transformation.

Al-Asam said that the Sudanese achieved a high level of awareness that made it adhere to the civilian rule and reject the military coups.

He assured the support of the Forces of Freedom and Change to the transitional government and the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk.

He revealed that the Forces of Freedom and Change is maintaining full coordination with the Prime Minister to achieve solutions for the current political crisis.

Dr. Al-Asam indicated that the political declaration issued in last September has re-united the Forces of Freedom and Change by the return of the Umma Party and the Revolutionary Front.

Al-Asam said refering to the group calling to disolve the government and expand the Forces of Freedom and Change: “They always talk about expanding the participation base continuously about the need for this, but most of the time this talk is not accurate and without specifying the components that they want to include to expand the participation base and the only one that speaks clearly about it is Mina Manawi in addressing their sit-in at the palace and he is talking about including the
Popular Congress
We think that the People’s Congress cannot expand the base of participation in the democratic transition because the People’s Congress remained a participant of the former regime and the National Congress and remained with Al-Bashir until the moment of its fall, and this will not work for democratic transition in any way, and it cannot be to expand the base of participation through the inclusion of remnants and elements of the former regime.”


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