Attorney General’s Fired. The release of Ghandour and security and Islamic leaders from Bashir era,

Alyurae – The family of former minister Ibrahim Ghandour has confirmed to be released on Sunday evening, and Ghandour is the head of the dissolved National Congress Party and has previously held several ministries under Al-Bashir’ rule, including the foreign ministry, Reuters reported.

Earlier in the day, Sudanese activists discussed the release of several security leaders in the old era and discussed the release of Islamic leaders known for their extremism, including a leader who had pledge allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) group, where authorities released the radical Islamist who had earlier supported ISIS Mohammed Ali al-Jazouli, head of the State of Law party.

In addition to the release of Major General Mohamed Hamed Tibidi, director of information in the security apparatus of ousted President Al-Bashir
And General Shazli Al-Madh, spokesman for the security and intelligence service of the former regime
Sources also reported the release of Abdul Rahim Al-Alim, the leader of al-Bashir’s party.

Attorney General’s Fired

In a surprise move, Sudanese army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on Sunday relieved Attorney General Mubarak Mahmoud of his post, Sudanese television reported.

Al-Burhan has relieved a number of officials, including diplomats, of their posts since the military’s actions on October 25th.

Earlier, Taher Abu Haga, media advisor to the Sudanese army commander, said the army’s actions were “to correct the course of the transition, which followed the fall of omar al-Bashir’s regime.”

Abu Haga said in a statement that the Sudanese army will not allow anyone to use the transition to achieve a narrow party agenda that does not accommodate national objectives.

Last week, the Sudanese army announced the dissolution of the sovereignty and ministers’ councils and declared a state of emergency, saying it had been forced to take the step after political forces rejected proposals to resolve the country’s crises.

The order was met with protests by political forces supporting Abdullah Hamdok’s government, demanding the return of a civilian-run government to take power in the country.

Ghandour and other senior officials were arrested in June 2020 on suspicion of involvement in planning sabotage.

At the time of the group’s arrest, she was charged with “coordinating hostile movements”, months after the fall of al-Bashir’s government.

Ghandour was the head of the National Congress Party, which ruled Sudan during Al-Bashir’s presidency.

Ghandour was infected in his prison in Cooper prison with coronavirus last March, and his family demanded that he be provided with appropriate treatment.



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