Call for escalation,And social and political boycott for all those who participated in creating the climate for the coup

Alyurae- Activists and defenders of democracy in Sudan called for the participation of all in the upcoming escalation, including a social and political boycott of all individuals, organizations and movements that contributed to creating the climate for the coup
The Sudanese capital witnessed a bloody day yesterday in which 15 rebels were killed by the police, who were quick to deny it.

The massacre was preceded by the complete cutting of communications and telephone networks, and the police blocked roads and bridges to the juvenile area and prevented the media from entering it.
As the Internet gradually returned today, activists posted hundreds of videos showing police firing tear gas and bullets at demonstrators.

Some videos also showed people in civilian clothes taking part in the crackdown on demonstrations, which police said earlier were from the security services, but today they denied it, and denied using live bullets to disperse demonstrators.
Protests have been continuing since the top general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan – Sudan’s de facto leader since the ousting of Bashir – detained the civilian leadership and declared a state of emergency on 25 October.

The move upended Sudan’s fragile transition to full civilian rule, drawing international condemnation and a flurry of punitive measures and aid cuts.

Despite targeting media and activists, and restricting the country’s internet and mobile communications networks, Sudan’s coup leaders have struggled to keep a lid on widespread public opposition to their seizure of power.

On Thursday a group of neighbourhood resistance committees coordinating the protest movement in east Khartoum announced in a statement “open escalation” against the coup until its overthrow.

The resistance committees played a key role in 2019, organising local protests in their sometimes barricaded neighbourhoods and acting as a focus for larger protests.

“Now we are making consultations among the resistance committees about upping the escalation against the coup,” a senior member of the committees in the capital said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Medics aligned with the protest movement said at least 15 people were killed on Wednesday as security forces dispersed protests in Khartoum and other cities with gunfire and teargas.

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