Commissions of inquiry set up to uncover the circumstances of the theft of UNMID and WFP stores

Al-Fashir- Alyurae-(SONA) – North Darfur Governor Nimr Mohamed Abdel Rahman issued a decree establishing a commission of inquiry into the theft of the headquarters of the Joint Mission of the United Nations and the African Union operating in Darfur “UNAMID” Al-Fashir headed by the head of the state criminal prosecution, the representative of the state police scheduled and the membership of each representative of Military intelligence, the representative of the General Intelligence Service and the representative of the Rapid Support Forces. The decision specified the tasks and specialties of the committee in investigating the theft of UNAMID  property in the city of Al-Fasher, as well as the inventory and assessment of the stolen goods.

The Governor of North Darfur also issued another decision to form a commission of inquiry into the theft of WFP stores and the warehouses of some government institutions in al-Fashir city, headed by Prosecutor Mawlana Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abusta, state police representative rapporteur and membership of a representative of military intelligence, the General Intelligence Service and the Rapid Support Forces.

The resolution identified the commission’s functions and disciplines, including investigating the theft of WFP and other government warehouses, as well as accounting for and estimating the cost of the stolen goods. The resolutions directed the committees to use those they deemed appropriate to carry out their tasks, with their reports to be submitted as soon as their work was completed, and the General Secretariat of the State Government and other stakeholders to take the necessary measures to facilitate the work of the two committees.
Meanwhile, the Joint Special Task Force in Darfur, which was tasked with protecting the former headquarters of the UNAMID mission in Al-Fashir, capital of North Darfur state, said today that it was able to seize a private car without traffic plates with a number of belongings stolen from the headquarters, including 8 refrigerators and computers, as well as other items being seized.

The State Security Committee recently issued a number of resolutions announcing the night curfew in Al-Fashir, and releasing the forces to pursue thieves and fugitives in accordance with articles 2.3 of the Emergency Law.

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