Northern State authorizes 2022 general budget

Dongola-Alyurae-(SUNA) – The Northern State Government Council, headed by the state governor in charge, Awad Ahmed Mohamed Kaddoura, approved the fiscal year 2022 budget with a total revenue of SDG 37.1 billion, up 115 percent from the previous year in 2021.

The budget allocated 77 percent for water, electricity and road infrastructure projects, as well as health, education and agriculture, the governor said, adding that the budget includes support for the middle and secondary stages, the rehabilitation of major hospitals in the state capital, Dangla, and hospitals of local presidencies, as well as attention to the infrastructure of agricultural projects, rehabilitation of tourist facilities and support for youth centers, clubs and school sports.

For his part, Director General of the Ministry of Finance and Manpower in the state, Hafez Awad al-Karim, explained that the budget came according to realistic estimates with the participation of all government units, localities and change committees and services, adding that the budget allocated 33 percent for development and absorbed funding for jobs for graduates and announced the continued support of social protection programs, youth and sports.

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