Dr. Mohamed Issa Aliou: “The implementation of security arrangements in Darfur represents the first essential and important step for restoring security stability and peace


Alfasher (SUNA) – Darfur Regional Governor-designate Dr. Mohamed Issa Aliou said the start of security arrangements in Darfur represents the first essential and important step in restoring security to stability and peace in Darfur so that it can begin the process of development and service delivery.
Aliou said at a press conference after the meeting held by the visiting Ministry of Defense delegation to North Darfur state today headed by Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Lt. Gen. Khalid Abedin al-Shami with the governor in charge and governor in charge of North Darfur Nimr Mohammed Abdul Rahman and members of the state security committee, he said that the arrival of the deputy chief of staff operations to Al-Fashir and his accompanying delegation to announce the start of the implementation of security arrangements will directly contribute to raising the morale of the citizens of the region and the governments of the five states in terms of the implementation of these The arrangements remained questionable to all, noting that their implementation would be an entry point for the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement in Sudan.

He added that the start of the implementation of these arrangements by forming a joint security force with special tasks, which will be based on a special law, will play a major and influential role in restoring security to Darfur.
Aliou praised the efforts made by the North Darfur Security Committee led by the governor to establish security in the city of Al-Fasher following the unfortunate events of the past week, also praising the forces of the parties to the peace process, which surrendered to lead the New Sil military training camp, and responded directly to the instructions issued to it to protect the former headquarters of the UNAMID mission, noting that thanks to the efforts of those forces, more than 80% of the assets of the headquarters were preserved and protected from the banditry that they were subjected to. headquarters.

In this regard, Aliou reiterated his acquittal of the residents of Al-Fashir city and the forces of the parties to the peace process and the regular forces from involvement in these unfortunate events, and said that those who carried out these acts do not exceed 1% and should not be blamed for these crimes to the largest proportion of the population who condemned these acts with one voice.

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