The youth of the resistance (to Alyurae) our protests will not stop and our slogan is not to negotiate with the military and we are not concerned with the current initiatives



 Alyurae – Khartoum- : (Alyurae) on Friday and Saturday looked at the opinions of many young activists who have been leading popular demonstrations in their areas since the beginning of the December 2019 revolution and leading the recent demonstrations calling for the overthrow of the coup of October 21 and the sovereignty of The civil state, whose details we are keeping for the security situation now, where it found a semi-determination and consensus between them, chanting that “no dialogue, negotiation with the coup”, which is the slogan they have been chanting since the start of their anti-coup marches.
And about the central question about who represents them who can talk to the media was also the answer was almost agreed in all the areas visited by the representative of (Alyurae) which is that there is no body representing them and every resistance committee is a body that exists in its situation and that they coordinate among them and the youth of other neighborhoods and committees of resistance through regular communication and the Internet among the youth of the neighborhoods stating
“there are young volunteers, students, professionals and doctors who take initiatives among them in providing services, conducting awareness and others in demonstrations and they have become known to all young people
On the role of the Sudan professionals Association and the Forces of freedom and change as entities representing them, our correspondent says that they were interested in delivering a single message expressing their bitterness at the violence they faced and the loss of friends and wounded and their determination to continue demonstrations while many of them say that they are not concerned with anyone who claimed to represent them at the moment until the fall of the regime and the trial of proof and Hamidi.

On Saturday, the United Nations formally launched a political process between the Sudanese parties to reach an agreement to resolve the country’s ongoing political crisis and move towards democracy and peace.

“The time has come to end the violence and engage in a constructive process, the process will be inclusive and all key civilian and military stakeholders, including armed movements, political parties, civil society, women’s groups and resistance committees, will be invited,” UN envoy to Sudan Volker Peretz said in a statement.

A statement issued on behalf of the resistance committees yesterday through the newspaper al-Jarida said, “The resistance committees called on the Sudanese people to participate in the civil disobedience and announced their intention tetris and the main streets of all states to prepare for the processions of The 9th and 12th of January, and the resistance committees considered that the mass civil disobedience and Tetris is a major factor to hinder corrupt dictators.

She said in the statement: “Tetrisna is different from the containers of the lock of bridges and ports because it is opened to patients not for deceptive aid and hunting activists, she explained that tetris against the killing machine and looting and the protection of offers and not to cut off national roads to deliver medicine and food and I wanted to realize that the war of kizan is comprehensive on the people, our tressina is our trench and therefore, disobedience in the houses means not helping enemies to rule us with weapons and enslavement, and if they enter us we will defend ourselves as we should.

Sudan is experiencing a political crisis following the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and the single-handedness of the proof of power, which is rejected by protesters demanding that the military component step down from power in Sudan once and for all.


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