Sudan Gedians draw with Guinea-Bissau in 2022 African Nations Cup qualifiers


Despite serious shots from both sides, our national team’s match against Guinea-Bissau ended tuesday with a goalless draw in Group D of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.
The Gedians wasted several chances to settle the game in the first half
Mohamed Abdel Rahman wasted more than one chance in the first half but the most dangerous attempt was for Guinea-Bissau, who wasted a goal in the 17th minute after executing a free kick to the right of sudan’s goal, which Mendes received with his head to bounce back from the left post of sudan’s goal.

Guinea-Bissau’s Piketty hit a powerful ball in the 77th minute, saved by goalkeeper Ali Abdullah Abu-20 before Guinea-Bissau wasted the penalty in the 82nd minute after a weak shot by the Sudanese goalkeeper.

Six minutes before the end, Guinea-Bissau missed another chance after a cross from the left side reached the inside of the penalty area with the sudanese goalkeeper’s wrong exit to reach Frederic Mendy, who shot it straight into the empty net but defender Mustafa Mohamed pushed the ball away in time.

Monaco’s Pelé missed a penalty in the 82nd minute and Guinea-Bissau teammate Joseph Mendes hit a header that bounced off the left-hand post of Sudan’s goal in the first half to tie the two teams scoreless at the start of their group 4 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon on Tuesday.

Nigeria lead the group by three points with a 1-0 win earlier Tuesday over Egypt, who have won the African Cup of Nations with seven titles.

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