The Day of Repression Security forces use live bullets and white weapons to disperse (January 13)demonstrations in Khartoum


Khartoum, Alyurae- Khartoum, in its three cities, witnessed mass demonstrations today called for by the coordination of the resistance committees demanding civil rule.

The demonstration was part of a timetable prepared by the resistance coordination committees in Khartoum, but it was abruptly cancelled on Wednesday, which it said was “tactical” to exhaust the preparations of the security services for a demonstration called for today.
The demonstrations began peacefully on time, with crowds of young people chanting as usual their demands for full civilian rule in Sudan and the army’s return to its barracks, some of which were marched towards the Presidential Palace, the symbolic destination identified by all previous demonstrations, to which the security services refuse access.
But the scene quickly turned into violent confrontations as police fired gas bombs at protesters on The Presidential Palace Street in Khartoum,
they surrounded the protesters from all directions, and some of them, according to the accounts of several witnesses, began shooting live round at the demonstrators, who were responding by throwing stones at them, causing dozens of fatal injuries among the protesters.

Some demonstrators showed our correspondent containers of live ammunition fired at the scene, including empty shells of large-scale bullets, identified as anti-aircraft weapons, which militia trucks were seen carrying, and accused some of the army of using white weapons and stabbed some demonstrators with knives in the first type of confrontation monitored since its inception.
Meanwhile, Sudanese police said in a statement through the interior ministry that a brigadier general had been assassinated by protesters in front of the Astak labs in Khartoum, and followed up with a statement Thursday saying that they had arrested the killer of martyr Brig. Gen. Ali Prima Hammad and injured a number of police officers.

The police press office said the killer had confessed to the crime and injured other police officers with serious harm and the rest of the suspects were being tracked down and arrested.

Today’s demonstrations come amid calls by the United Nations for consultations with Sudanese and international partners to hold preliminary consultations on a comprehensive political process between the Sudanese parties.

The UN mission revealed seven points yesterday for its initiative to manage the political process: facilitating the United Nations to support Sudanese stakeholders to reach consensus on how to move forward for the country to address the current political stalemate and the evolution of the path towards democracy and peace.

On the same level, as part of the situation in Sudan, the UN Security Council held an informal meeting on Wednesday to discuss the latest developments in Sudan, where the meeting was held behind closed doors.

Six of the 15 Council member states requested the meeting: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Ireland and Albania, where the meeting heard enlightenment from the Representative of the Secretary-General and the Head of the United Nations Integrated Mission for The Support of the Transition in the Sudan (UNITAMS) Volker Peretz on the situation in the Sudan, the most important outcome of the meeting was the call for the lifting of the state of emergency in Sudan.


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