Large-scale arrests of activists in Khartoum by unknown forces using cars without plates


Khartoum- Al-Yurae – Several activists in several parts of the Sudanese capital Khartoum said yesterday they witnessed raids and random arrests in the streets and houses of activists believed to be demonstrators in the previous protest by unidentified parties, wherein all those cases that (Alyurae) heard from witnesses used cars all not carrying any plates showing who is using them, which brings back the activities of the security apparatus during president Bashir regime, which had been dissolved because of these practices and the coup d’état returned to the security services all striped powers while protecting its membership. From criminal accountability.

Witnesses told us how a similar force raided the Royal Care Hospital, randomly arrested the injured activists, and took them to an unknown location too.

Meanwhile, a member of the Resistance Committees of Khartoum Bori Mohamed Omar Frenchi announced the arrest of several injured people in the January 13 parade in front of the Royal Care Hospital yesterday.

“Security forces in civilian clothes arrested six people outside the hospital gate, including girls and several injured, and confirmed that excessive repression and arrests will not cause street silence,” Franchewi told Al-Entabaha newspaper.

While media reports revealed that several elements called “kings of the clash” in the protests were arrested in connection with the police killing, activists pointed to police filming of substances and narcotic pills and “claiming that they were the young people who were angry to fabricate the charges and demonize the group”, many said.

Meanwhile, a family of a young teenager receiving treatment at the hospital said that her son was also arrested on charges that he fought police officer Brig. Gen. Ali Prema in Thursday’s demonstrations and took him by unknown persons in vehicles as well as not carrying plates to unknown destinations, which contradicts a police statement immediately after the incident about their arrest of the officer’s killer.

In other developments on the case of the dead officer whose story was published by (Alyurae) yesterday, the director of the information and public relations department of the police, Brig. Gen. Hassan Al-Tijani, said that the deceased Brigadier General Ali Prema, was subjected to a fierce attack during the presence of the insurance area in The Square of Charoni next to the laboratory of Staks from a group insidiously stabbed in the back when he was helping one of the injured soldiers of his forces, according to “SUNA” and described the operation as a heinous crime planned by professionals.

He added that the crime is organized and not committed by one person, and confirmed that eyewitnesses identified the perpetrator and was arrested by the police and is being investigated to find out the reasons and motives of the crime, pointing out that the public opinion will be owned the truth after the investigation

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