UK Minister for Africa express deep shock for the use of live ammunition against protesters on Monday

Alyurae- The UK has been quick to denounce the excessive violence of security forces in Sudan in confronting peaceful demonstrators in Khartoum.

In her first statement on the events, Minister for Africa and Sudan Vicky Ford said she was shocked by what had happened:

“Shocked by the actions of the Sudanese security forces. Once again, they responded to peaceful protests with live ammunition. Every death is a tragedy

I urge the authorities to show genuine commitment to the UN-run discussions and to stop the bloodshed.”

Britain and several countries, including the United States, have earlier called on the Sudanese authorities not to deal violently with demonstrators and allow them to peacefully express their demands.

Sudanese police forces backed by Janjaweed militias accused of committing numerous massacres in Darfur region confronted peaceful demonstrators in Khartoum yesterday with tear gas, stun grenades and the use of live ammunition, according to several witnesses and videos documented by the protesters.

The violent dealing led to dozens of injuries and the death of eight demonstrators from direct gunshot wounds from direct shot by tear gas canisters, according to the latest bulletin of the central group of doctors, which follows the events there.

Sudan has been in a state of instability and continued protests since the coup d’état of Interim Sovereignty Council President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan over his civilian partner in power and the dissolution of the transitional government last October.

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