The street makes fun of the formation of a caretaker government and the FFC considers it a reflection of the regime isolation

Alyurae- Many young people who demonstrated today said that the caretaker government does not mean anything to them and mocked its components while the forces of freedom and change, spokesman for the Arab Baath Socialist Party Adel Khalafallah, expressed the formation of a caretaker government as a reflection of the crisis of the coup and an expression of its isolation

Khalafallah told (al-Intibaha) newspaper yesterday that no one respects his history and profession remains part of the measures taken by the putschists, and risks himself – referring to as the agents in charge.

He also said the government’s mandate was a reversal of the coup leader’s announcement of the formation of a competent government.

The people would stop only by completely liquidating the coup and forming a civilian government.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party mocked the mandate of a caretaker government to burden ministers, noting that there is now no state and that all institutions are disrupted by the coup.

Referring to the current situation, he said, “the world is dealing with Sudan in a state of “no state”, and increased “for the first time in the history of the world, a government that considers agents a government.”

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