Sudan Professionals’Associations calls for “million professionals” to march on Monday, January 24



Alyurae– Sudanese professionals who have been leading and guiding the Sudanese street throughout its revolution will advance on Monday, which was called by the Sudanese Professionals’ Association.

In a statement, the group called on “female workers, wage earners and all professional and trade union sectors to participate extensively and effectively in the 24th of January millionth.
The group said in a statement that the million-man march for martyrs, which began last Thursday, was one of the epics of heroism that the Sudanese people have been running.

Through it, they assured the protesters and rebel masses that the road to a civil State is inevitably coming to build a better future in which diversity and pluralism are respected and the future democracy is invoke through the revolutionary act of building a new history based on freedom, democracy, justice and equality.

The Sudanese Professionals Association played a pivotal role in the December revolution, as its leaders confronted the regime and worked to guide demonstrations and coordination between the protesters.

However, the group split between a supporter of the partnership in transitional government with the military and a rejectionist of it.

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