Khartoum authorities (surrender) to the fait accompli and decide not to close bridges or cut off the Internet today


Khartoum -Alyurae- (SUNA) – The Khartoum State Security Coordination Committee confirmed that traffic will continue today as usual and that all Nile bridges will be opened to traffic while ensuring the continuation of internet service.

“The Committee was directed to secure sovereign and strategic positions in central Khartoum, as well as to secure the processions, and directed adhere to more restraint and non-response to provocations issued by some” said the statement.

It went on to say “The committee confirmed the availability of freedom of expression, and promise to reveal the documentation of any manifestations contrary to the law and considering the attack and destruction of public property a legal violation to be held accountable, and any irregularities will be monitored during processions, especially the violent that occur after the end of processions”.

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