Sudan facing Threat of secession in the east, widespread security chaos in Darfur and demands for autonomy in the north


According to the national newspaper Al-Aintbaha, the Northern State Farmers’ Association issued a unanimous decision to completely close the northern state, placing barricades on the Northern Artery Road and other roads at the Forum (Hamdab), and the Al-Qarir intersection on the Road (Marwa-Atbara, Khartoum, Port Sudan), next to the entrances and exits of the city of Dongla.

The state assembly, chaired by Reza Mr. Idrissi, entered a meeting with the governor of the state to inform him of the decisions and hand over a note to put him in the picture of the escalatory steps decided by the meeting of the reasoning.

The demands included determining the state’s share of mining revenues and 5% of the electricity of the Marwa Dam, establishing the state’s dam sponsors, regulating the entry of Egyptian trucks and dealing in the same process of entry of drivers for both countries, establishing scales on the Northern Artery Road, establishing a date exchange and setting dates prices from within the state, and opposing recent electricity tariff increases, in addition to activating customs points in the northern state.

The Northern State Farmers’ Caucus, now in Danqula, gave the government 72 hours to cancel the agricultural electricity pricing or the street would be closed by barricade’s, before retreating at the same meeting.

The meeting stressed the implementation of the demands or recourse to the state’s autonomy application and the state’s complete lockdown until the demands were implemented.

The meeting called for expanding the pool’s participation base to cover all segments of the northern state in order to unite visions and ideas to demand state rights.

Security breakdown in North Darfur

Meanwhile, the security situation in North Darfur state has been complicated by armed looting, banditry and attacks on residents, with North Darfur Governor Nimr Mohammed Abdul Rahman authorizing regular forces to resolve recent security disruptions in various areas of the state.
This came when the governor visited with the State Security Committee of the Rapid Support Forces based south of Camp Zamzam, which began its tasks in protecting the Fasher Nyala road within the joint forces.

The committee announced that these forces have been given full powers to deal decisively with anyone who threatens citizens and seeks to loot their property.
The Governor and members of the State Security Committee inspected a number of their focal points and were assured of their readiness to confront outlaws.

Nimr said in press statements from the Abu Zarika region that his government decided to transform the powers of the joint force present in that area from a force “isolated” to a force of determination and deterrence for the displaced in accordance with the law of emergency and authorization granted to them, announcing at the same time the formation of another joint force equipped with full equipment to comb the road linking the village of “Sarfai” west of Al-Fasher and the local presidency of Dar es Salaam in accordance with the emergency law No. 3 issued by the President of the Sovereignty Council.

The governor reiterated his government’s determination to move forward with the prestige of the state and the rule of law, stressing that the deployed forces have the full right to respond to any force they want to attack and are protected by law.

Sudan has witnessed a multi-month conflict and demands for secession in the east, in which its citizens have closed the main roads and the main seaport of Sudan, putting the country in severe economic crises during the former transitional government led by then Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.
The Sudanese agree that there are many grievances for these provinces inherited from the mistakes of previous political regimes.
But they are skeptical that external and internal parties from remnants of the former regime are involved in exploiting popular discontent to create public chaos in Sudan.


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