Darfur militias demand private residential land for their fighters in Khartoum

Al-Yurae – After local authorities in the Sudanese capital rejected several requests by leaders of the Darfur armed movements to settle their fighters in the capital Khartoum by giving them government housing

The Justice and Equality Militia, led by the current Finance Minister, has returned to ask the authorities to exclude their fighters from the land law and give them housing in the capital.

Khartoum state rejected JEM’s request for housing land in the state

the state has previously evacuated several residential sites, government facilities and tourist hotels earlier taken by Darfuri armed movements as the headquarters of its fighters, and a government statement was issued at the time calling on armed movements to leave residential areas. 

Several cities in Darfur also refuse militias access to or settlement areas. 
A statement from the executive director of the office of Governor Abdul Mutalal Mohammed said yesterday that the direct allocation of residential land is suspended and that the department concerned has been dissolved by the decisions of the De-Empowerment Committee.

“The state administration’s approach to residential land is to comply with the regulations and the law, without discrimination or preference, in accordance with the Urban Planning Act of 1994, the statement said.

The governor’s office apologized for the lack of access to the application, saying that it had been applied to citizens alike in accordance with rules and regulations.

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