Gem of the Gulf

Abubakir Mustafa Mohammed:

Longing and nostalgia bring me back memories of more than twenty years without any introduction. The tape brings back memories of the happiest and most beautiful years. I don’t know where to start and I don’t even know where to start. I am unable to write or speechless.
Beginning in January 1988
The first time I was happy
Visit dubai the dream city
Traveled to it by a companion journalist
For the mission of the great Sudan Hilal Club
To participate in the brothers club tournament
The international victory of football that brought the host Al-Nasr Dubai, the people of Cairo and Hilal Khartoum. Our love and affection to the brothers from Khartoum, the capital of harmony.
Our auspicious bird landed in the giant Dubai International Airport peacefully. We were welcomed in the hall of the elders of the visitors with all carelessness, welcoming and respect. It was on the head of the future. His Highness Sheikhan, Manned and Bati Al-Muktum. They ashamed us with their humility and generosity, the honorable white people of the noble generation.
They carried us on the palms of comfort and they made us stay in Hilton Dubai, Tab Al-Qama
Next to the tower of Sheikh Rashid, the great, the high-end, the high-ranking, Sami Al-Qad
At their entrance, a beautiful garden decorated with flowers and flags. Flags of the countries that participated in the world chess championship.
Years ago, the siblings competed for the championship cup at the magnificent Al Maktoum Stadium. Emirates Air hostesses in the most beautiful Hila, Hadran and Raised Tamam.
A stylish and bright painting was formed to catch the eyes, beautiful, and strong.
Taste, elegance, delicacy, kindness, elegance, elegance, and elegance, and elegance is the rim’s chin
And the championship is more beautiful and beautiful.
Beauty tops the list of women
They are competing in welcoming the guests of the tournament with vitality, activity, harmony and ensemble
Guinness duty of hospitality Nirat
Lights like the planets and stars
Tribute to guests is the greatest testimony
Appreciation, lifting and most respected.
Emirates flight and since its launch
Got up front and moving forward.
Thank God the championship is over and we are back
To Khartoum, warm hugs and consolation.
The memories of this visit and the heroism remain stuck in the memory of the days and the days.
Five months later I found my mistake
Shopping me again to dream city
So happy to visit her for the once
Second June of the same year
On my first visit I was restricted and bound for the championship program and the annual mission. Meetings, visits, invitations and who
Residence at Al Maktoum Stadium
On this visit I surfaced and learned
On Dubai with great focus and attention,
Trees and flowers are matriculated to decorate and beautify the streets as a systematic contract
The magnificence of lighting and hanging lamps everywhere, like the stars, turned the night into a day in which people seek, restrain, rejoice, and move.
The beauty of gardens and the luxury of cottages
In her beauty, she missed the castle of rum.
Bridges are a guide and a movement guide
Easy and orderly traffic and traffic
Resorts on the gulf coast
It’s like a painting of a creative painter
This is a brief summary of a short visit that took several days.
Longing, longing, and carrying me has overcome me
3rd time visit this year,
I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw
Dubai city has changed completely,
Surprisingly i didnt realize
I have seen and witnessed this is reality or dreams.
I was surprised and made sure that
The truth that every sleep is witness
I asked myself did all this happen
Amazing transformation in a few years
Roads talk about the beauty of the city, the elegance of planning and precision of design
Huge bridges, luxurious chambers and tall towers that almost touched the clouds
Her masterpiece giant airport receives every day planes as a bathflakes
The pilgrims are attracted to it and the visitors are meant to it
And entrepreneurs, money, celebrities and stars.
The Arab Gulf celebrated the world’s island and palm trees and became a store of interest. Underwater tourist resorts, a verse of beauty, Glory be to the living neighborhood.
Because of the crowd of visitors, there is a shadow on him.
The bay is bright and glowing all day
This transformation is driving with wisdom and wisdom.
The Governor of the Emirate of Dubai, the creative and inspiring
His Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid, the leader of the horse, thought and effort to translate the studies of the experts into written work programs, surpassed all barriers and difficulties, heart all expectations and broke all the numbers with sound planning in a record time about the dream to reality and reached Dubai to the highest peaks.
Everyone in Dubai works hard, diligent, and respects laws and order and thus Dubai deserves the title of the gem of the Gulf and the city of dreams.
No exaggeration of a visit to Dubai once wishing to visit it on the regular basis.
O Allah, protect Dubai, its ruler, its people, and guard them with your eyes that do not sleep
And they are pleased with the abundance of health and wellness, and keep away from them evil and disease
They agreed to continue the journey of growth, progress, prosperity and push it forward

Khartoum / May 2012

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