Al-Hilal and Al- Ahly of Egypt draw in Omdurman

Al-Yurae- Negative draw between Al Hilal and al-Ahly of Egypt on Friday in the second round of the First Group of the African Champions League.

As the two teams failed to take advantage of their chances for 90 minutes, ending the match with a goalless draw.

Al Hilal and Al Ahli won the first point of their rounds in the championship, where al-Hilal lost in the first round to The South African Sun Downs 0-1, while Al Ahli did not play in the first round against His Sudanese rivals Almerikh as planned, after postponing the match because of his preoccupation with participating in the Club World Cup in the UAE

During which he finished third in the championship that British chelsea crowned

The first group includes al-Ahly of Egypt, South African Sun Downs, Sudanese Al-Hilal and Al-Merikh

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