Hamidtti announces release of all detainees not under criminal charges and his Janjweed RSF personnel from prisons

Khartoum, Al-Yurae-(SUNA) –The Janjweed militia leader and Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and Commander of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hamidtti) announced plans to release all detainees from prisons,(those who are not under criminal investigation) and the release of all his militia RSF’s personnel convicted of disciplinary crimes from Sudanese prisons and the payment of their fines.

This came during the tripartite signing of an agreement between the National Commission for Human Rights, the Human Rights and Child Protection Unit of the Rapid Support Forces and the Arab Organization for Human Rights yesterday , which aims to cooperate in building capacity in human rights for employees of the security and justice sectors and civil society, based on international standards.

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