“We are not Darfur” Eastern Sudan leaders slammed Hammidtti call to divide the region tribally

Al-Yurae-In the first official reaction to the call of The Vice-President of the Council of Sovereignty Hamidati to divide the east tribally, which found widespread disapproval in the province, the Popular Front for Liberation and Justice (PFLP) announced its rejection of the demarcation of the border between the tribes of the east,

(Al-Jareeda) newspaper quoted The People’s Liberation and Justice Front (PFLP) Secretary General Abdelwahab Jamil as saying at a press conference yesterday that the totally rejects the demarcation of the border between the components of the east and demanded that civil administrations not be involved in politics.

The head of the Popular Front for Liberation and Justice, Amin Daoud, said the conflict in eastern Sudan “is not a conflict of Hawaieer.” In reference to Darfur conflict.

Tribal components in the east of the country expressed concerns about disputes over the demarcation of the border, and the head of the Democratic Front of Eastern Sudan, spokesman for the Committee on Development and Services Issues for the Localities of the South Red Sea Engineer Ali Idris confirmed, that the decision of the Sovereignty Council to form the High Technical Committee for the planning and appointment of administrative boundarie For tribes in the states of the east, shrouded in mystery, and unknown dimensions, pointing out that the planning of the border between tribes is a new phenomenon that has not happened in any country before, and that the High Committee for finding effective solutions to the situation in the east should have consulted with localities and not tribes about it. It was difficult to talk about the state system and the tribe because the land belonged to the State and those in it were tenants.

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