Sudan denies reports on Russian Wagner presence in country

KHARTOUM, Sudan– The Sudanese government on Tuesday denied reports about the presence of Russian paramilitary Wagner Group in Sudan.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry termed accusations by the ambassadors of the US, Britain and Norway on the Wagner’s activities in Sudan as “a blatant interference in Sudan’s domestic affairs.”

On March 21, the Troika for Sudan – the US, Britain and Norway – said the Wagner Group was engaged in illicit activities that undermine the rule of law in Sudan.

“In Sudan, the Wagner Group, a Private Military Company closely linked to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, spreads disinformation on social media and engages in illicit activities connected to gold-mining,” the Troika said.

But the Sudanese ministry denied the claims, saying the three envoys are trying to drag Sudan into the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Russian private security companies such as Wagner, Patriot, Sewa Security Service and RSB are known to have a presence in Africa.

According to Bloomberg, the Wagner Group is engaged in military trainings and activities, as well as in protection of gold mines, in Angola, Libya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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