Sudanese army intervenes to save Port Sudan port residents from thirst

Al-Yurae– The Sudanese army intervened to save the residents of Port Sudan, sudan’s main Red Sea port, from thirst after

On Tuesday, the chief of staff conducted a support convoy consisting of a number of water deniers for the Red Sea state.

As part of the armed forces’ efforts to help the state authorities alleviate the suffering their citizens face in providing drinking water.

Last week,The minister of finance in the current transitional government, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, had directed the

The company is specialized in purchasing water pumps in order to increase production capacity, by increasing the pumping rate of water at the main station in Port Sudan, in addition to buying tankars for the distribution of water to remote places in the region.

And despite the warnings in advance of the water issue in Port Sudan, the former transitional government did not put it in its priorities, a representative of the former local council Hamed Idris Suleiman, a former member of the Legislative Council of port sudan state, has repeatedly warned the government of a real disaster this year due to the water in Port Sudan, noting that the situation is getting worse day by day due to rising temperatures and rising populations, as well as the scarcity of water sources without finding clear solutions to the issue of Port Sudan water.

Successive Sudanese governments have failed for decades to solve the problem of drinking water in the region, where the population relies on non-permanent seasonal sources such as the harvesting of scarce rainwater in mountain valleys, non-permanent artesian wells in dry seasons, salinity of water in the region and a small pumping station, while bringing water through tanker and donkey carts by small traders to be sold for huge amounts of profits to the population in the neighborhoods.

Al-Bashir’s previous government had promised residents to solve the problem repeatedly and in a semi-annual form, but it did not, and a project he had set up to transport water through pipes from the Atbara River hundreds of miles away had faced funding problems and corruption cases to fail like other projects promised by the previous government.

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