Al-Bashir’s ’Hospitalization’ scandal

Committee to dissolve the regime in prison and the indictment file was stolen and the judge on holiday and the accused taking a break outside the prison

Al-Yurae – Khartoum – Local media – Sudanese political circles yesterday rocked by recent news circulating on social media about the transitional government’s intention to release former President Omar al-Bashir, who is currently on trial on several charges including undermining the constitution, genocide, and other trials postponed until the end of his trial on charges of violating the constitution violating and overthrowing the former democratic system, where all charges carry the death penalty

Leaks of his release began a while ago, but most of the Sudanese people continued to rule it out and yesterday it surprised everyone that social media circulated pictures of deposed President Al-Bashir inspecting patients at Alia Specialist Hospital on Tuesday.

Photos showed deposed President Omar al-Bashir returning sick while in hospital at Alia Hospital, causing widespread controversy on social media platforms in Sudan.

The image of the isolated president appears to be in full health in what he said was a private hospital in Khartoum, and it is not yet clear who filmed the footage and who leaked it.

Al-Bashir appeared in sick clothes as a patient in the same hospital where he was being treated, where he had earlier been transferred to Alia Military Hospital in Omdurman, for medical examinations, after justice authorities said his health had deteriorated, suffered changes and irregular blood pressure, and according to press sources that the health of Al-Bashir, who has been detained in Cooper prison in the Sudanese capital Khartoum since his overthrow in April 2019, deteriorated following the death of his mother.

The indictment committee puzzled and question marks over the medical report

Moaz Hazrat, a member of the indictment, said in a 1989 coup d’état that the emergence of sedentary images of former President Omar al-Bashir inspecting patients in a hospital in good health shows that the medical report that he could not appear in court is fabricated.

Hazrat added according to local news website: “The report must be reviewed, and the court must take the necessary measures to bring the accused Al-Bashir before the court of the coup plotters and other courts.”

Hazrat explained that what is happening shows the exploitation of judicial proceedings and said (that the judge of the court should write a communication against those who fabricated the incorrect health report).

The theft of the indictment file and the indictment is subjected to an unknown attack.

At a parallel time, a member of the indictment panel in the case of the masterminds of the June 1989 coup revealed the theft of the case communication file concerning the accusation from the vehicle of Professor Moaz Hazrat, a member of the commission.

The source told (Al-Jarida) that Hazrat continued to be threatened for addressing many of the cases of violations that occurred under the former regime.

He revealed that he was subjected to open monitoring by the authorities even after the revolution, and wondered how the file is stolen and the robber does not take any other things and increased: the recorder of the vehicle (Prado) alone could have been the targeting of (the thief).

Absence of a judge

The trial of the defendants was in the “1989 coup case”, which brought deposed President Omar al-Bashir and 27 of his aides to power.

“The court hearing was held at the headquarters of the Police Institute of Judicial Sciences, in the presence of the indictment and defense bodies,” the official news agency SAID.

“The court postponed its hearing until Tuesday, April 26, for reasons related to the absence of a judge because of emergency circumstances,” it stated.

“Defence lawyers petitioned the court to release the 70-year-old defendants, as well as to grant a special guarantee (financial guarantee) to all defendants whose sentences did not reach execution.”

The dismantling committee in prison

The coup d’état authorities arrested the committee to dismantle and fight al-Bashir’s regime from the first moments of the coup without charge, and then released them after widespread international and popular pressure before re-arresting them shortly after on malicious charges that were not officially brought against them, according to their lawyers, and they are still in al-Aldola prisons without clear charges, but the coup leader promised last week to release them in an attempt seen by observers as a concession

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