Beyond sardonic, a Sufi initiative to solve Sudan’s problems submitted to the Government


Alyurae-Khartoum- In what could merely be a satiric press briefing ever since the period of the Sudan Mahadi’s era centuries back, Yesterday a political group of riligouse scholars presented a new push hailed the (Initiative of Clemency and Prayer on the Prophet (SAWT), held an official press conference in the capital Khartoum to release its initiatives that they commissioned and delivered to General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan the head of the Sovereign Council and the leader of Sudan coup that dissolved the transitional civilian-led government and subsequently hurtling the country into political and economic crisis.

According to Abu Bakr Abdu Allah the spokesperson for the initiative that they have scouted the country and consulted thousands of Sufi religious scholars and chiefs about the country’s current turmoil and political and economic crisis seeking a (lasting) solution and have handpicked 75 of them highly sacredly to present to Al-Burhan to choose and form a government from them.

Abu Bakr explained that “They have presented the President of the Council of Sovereignty Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan with a list of 75 (guardians of God’s righteous) sheikhs to choose, among them, a legislative council of the country to carry out the tasks of resolving the country’s crisis “radically once and for all”.

He added that “Those who were chosen from Sufi sheikhs are good religious men and reformers who, according to the opinion of the people, ‘have clean souls who have no ambitions in this world, so they are the most qualified people to solve the country’s crisis.’

Suggested that a-proposed weeks of continuing” Prayer on the name of the prophet (SAWT) by the entire nation is on the table “.

Sudan TV has broadcasted the press conference nationally,but according to many Sudanese political expert including our head editors,these sort of initiatives are very common in Sudan during dictatorship eras especially in crisis period,pointing out also it has roots in Sudan history where Sufi’s Sheikhs used to hold great power and influence within their local communities and they were rallied by the Mahadi’s during the country revolution to drive out the Turkish occupation, but their power declined through the years, since, but later they were used by politicians and dictatorship regime to win the support of rural and improvised areas or to distract the nation opinion of their conduct in government, references extensively their use during President Numairi economic crisis in 1982-83 where these Sheikhs hosted in his gathering before the press on televisions to show the country their support for him, later dictator Bashir used the same methods also regularly in similar initiative’s before the national media and visited their religious schools to hold lavish protest to show their support to his regime, the current coup leaders are no different both Gen Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and his deputy Mohamed Hamadan Deglo known as Hammidtti since they came to power thoughts these Sufi leaders support and presented them again in the media as stakeholders to create a support base for the coup which lacked any support within the country at the moment.

“The current Finance Minister, Dr. Jibril, who is known to belong to the Islamic movement, hinted in a press interview about the suspension of international aid to them because of the coup, that “the support form heaven must be relied upon first.”

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