Cases of monkeypox emerge in Ethiopian refugee camps, authorities order temporary curfew

Al-Yurae – Al-Gadarif – (Hirak Newspaper) – Suleiman Mokhtar
The (Hirak) newspaper reported yesterday that the director of the Refugee Housing Department in Gedaref state, Abdel Moneim Othman, announced the closure of all refugee camps in Gedarif, and said in a statement to the newspaper published on Monday, that the closures came on the directives of the Ministry of Health and Social Development in Gedaref province, Following the emergence of cases of monkeypox in the camps, so the camp administration decided in coordination with the health authorities to close by preventing the exit of refugees from the camps and preventing the entry of local citizens to them within the framework of precautionary measures carried out by the Ministry, pointing to the arrival of a ministerial delegation in the state and the World Health Organization to the camp of Tnideba the same day to implement health and technical measures to curb the spread of the disease, noting the presence of (2) isolation centers in the camp of Tnideba and another center in the camp of um Rakuba, pointing out that the World Health Organization and foreign organizations working In the health field, it is mandated to provide health protocols regarding the provision of medicines for the treatment of the disease.

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