The use of mercury to treat Gold waste (Karta) is threatens inhabitants of Nile River – Study

Al-Yurae-Nothern Sudan-A scientific investigation arranged by the Supreme Council for the Environment of the Nile River State revealed risks that imperil the lives of inhabitants in the state because of the illegal handling of mercury in secluded quarry.The study estimated that each ton generated from waste (karta) needs 800 kilograms of mercury and the research revealed that the specimens examined in laboratories indicated that the measures of mercury in the blood of the populations targeted by the study came from 27 to 700 times the natural amount in the human body and indicated that mercury is leaked by the rise in the population of the study,Due to temperatures element vaporize to settle on the moisture spaces again, what the research showed piled up in the (clay Jars- Zeer) of water and air conditioning units in the mining areas besides what the floods transferred to residential areas and the Nile and the study warned of mercury myc, which turns into an organic substance a hundred times more dangerous than mercury itself, On the one hand, it interacts with the components of the environment and appears in fish, vegetables and others, and Dr. Essam Mohamed Zein, the presenter of the study, explained that the Nile River state will become unfit for human life after 40 years, pointing out that over 80% of the operating sites do not comply with environmental requirements.

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