(UNMISET) Volker Peretz called on, Abdul Wahid , and Al-Helou, to join the peace process in Sudan.

The head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Support Mission in Sudan (UNMISET) Volker Peretz called on the heads of the Sudan Liberation Movement, Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nur, and the People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), Abdulaziz Al-Helou, to join the peace process in Sudan.

In a press release marking the second anniversary of the signing of the Sudan Peace Agreement in Juba, Volcker said: “I call on the Chairman of the Sudan Liberation Army Movement – Abdul Wahid Al-Nour and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North – Abdul Aziz Al-Helu Wing to join the peace processes in order to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace in all Sudan.”
“Two years after the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement, I appreciate the efforts made to implement some of the provisions of the Darfur track, in particular the establishment of the Permanent Ceasefire Commission, of which UNITAMS is proud to chair,” he added.
He welcomed the training of the first batch of 1,700 soldiers of the armed movements that signed the Juba Peace Agreement, to be integrated into the Joint Security Force.

“However, the two-year anniversary is a powerful reminder that much remains to be done. There is an urgent need for the full implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, including security arrangements, the rapid deployment of the Joint Security Force to ensure the protection of civilians, as well as the establishment of relevant commissions such as UNHCR, the Transitional Justice Commission, the Land and Hawakir Commission, the Travellers’ and Pastoralists’ Commission, and the implementation of other provisions related to power, wealth sharing and reparations.”
He recalled that the agreement had been drafted by the Sudanese and signed by the Sudanese parties. Only they can implement it and bring peace to the country. I urge the signatories to renew their efforts to this end.

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