Student protests over tuition fee increases in North Darfur

Al-Yurae- North Darfur- The Ministry of Education in North Darfur announced the suspension of classes in all public and private schools in El Fasher, the capital of the state, starting today, with classes to resume next Sunday.
The ministry attributed the suspension of studies according to ( Darfur to 24) is due to the circumstances that El Fasher went through yesterday due to the protests.

Yesterday Police forces in El Fasher in North Darfur had dispersed student demonstrations against the increase in tuition fees at the primary, middle and secondary levels, and police used tear gas heavily to disperse protesters.
Adam Abdullah, a member of the educational council at the foundation stage, criticized the increase in tuition fees imposed by the Supreme Education Council, according to “Darfur 24”, and said that the council imposed a fee of 100,000 pounds on each student.
He added that the Supreme Education Council is not the body concerned with imposing management fees on students, pointing out that this is the responsibility of the educational councils in schools and in consultation with the parents of students.

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