Bashir has been reluctant to attend his trial sessions for a year

Al-YURAE – Local newspapers – The official spokesman of the indictment panel in the trial of the defendants of the 1989 coup Al-Moez Hazrat revealed the abstention of the deposed Bashir from attending the sessions of his trial since October 25 until now.

According to (Al-Tagheer News site), Hazrat said that the indictment body learned of a report from the deposed doctor indicating that he had high blood pressure, revealing that the matter had been repeatedly discussed with Judge Hussein al-Jacques, a judge of the Supreme Court.

“Hazrat” expressed his reservation to the medical report because high blood pressure is not considered a continuous disease that prevents him from appearing before the court, pointing out his doubts about the authenticity of the report submitted by the private doctor of the deposed, and added: “The correct legal procedure requires that the accused be presented to the medical pannel and a committee of doctors decides on his state of health.”
The official spokesman for the indictment revealed that a number of other defendants in the same case were in private hospitals such as Ali al-Haj and Ibrahim al-Senussi.

Hazrat said that the defendants’ admission to private hospitals violates the procedures and that they must be treated in government hospitals.

“This is what was happening under Bashir’s rule, where the most the defendants had to do was to be treated at the security hospital or the police.”

Hazrat accused the judicial organs of the prosecution and the judiciary of allowing them to escape from prison and continued: “What is happening is contrary to the principle of equality.”

“Hazrat” revealed that the indictment panel submitted a set of requests to the judge related to the review of the health status of the defendants several months ago, conclusive of his failure to respond to them.The spokesman for the indictment said that the trial sessions continue every Tuesday, noting that they are currently listening to the statements of witnesses to the accusation, and added: “We have dozens of witnesses to the accusation.”

Regarding next Tuesday’s hearing, Hazrat revealed that the indictment has been filed against a “royal witness”, “Mohamed Hassan Bregaa”, who is waiting for the judge to accept to hear his testimony.

He added: “We offered him a pardon in exchange for his testimony that will complete evidence that we could not obtain from the contributors to the coup.”

The deposed 77-year-old Bashir, according to a medical source confirmed to (Al-Tagheer), is taking routine medications that every person with blood pressure and prostate takes, according to the medical source, who said he did not need to be in the hospital.

The deposed president was admitted to Alia Hospital on January 20, 2022 as a case of Coronavirus, and according to medical sources the result of the test was questionable and was returned after 3 days and came negative.

The deposed has not left the hospital since that date and, according to informed sources, carries out his daily activities of eating, drinking and sleeping, as well as receiving his guests and family normally.

The doctor of the deposed , who has been treating him since he has been in the presidency until now, visits him from time to time.

A medical source described the visit as “social” because of the lack of a medical illness that requires follow-up, adding: “The video that was previously leaked of the deposed inside the hospital shows his excellent health condition.”
A report by the Unified Office of Physicians released last March denounced the provision of medical cover by some military doctors to the deposed Bashir and his former deputy to stay within the “investments of the military medical institution hotel in Alia Hospital”

The statement revealed the presence of the deposed in the VIP room, which bears the number 406, while his former deputy, Bakri Hassan Saleh, resides in the royal room No. 402.

The statement condemned the behavior of doctors who exploit their positions to support the remnants of the regime in escaping justice; flouting the medical oath and the honor of the profession.

Ousted President Omar al-Bashir, along with 27 National Congress figures, faces trial for orchestrating and carrying out a military coup against the government of Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi, assuming the presidency of the so-called “National Salvation Revolution” and then assuming the presidency of the country until a popular revolution overthrew him in 2019.

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