Al-Burhan addressed the Army to send warning messages to the civil forces

President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, affirmed today that all the Sudanese people has the right to be proud of their Armed Forces, as they are part of it and it is responsible for preserving the security of the homeland and protecting its land and people.

This came when the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces inspected the forces at Al-Markheyat Operational Base at the Special Forces Camp.

Al-Burhan asserted not to allow any party to work for the dismantlement of the armed forces, warning the political parties against interfering in the affairs of the armed forces and exploit it to achieve authoritarian gains.

During his inspection visit to Al-Markhayat Operational Base in Omdurman today, Al-Burhan indicated in his address to the Special Forces that the army will remain a unified, independent national institution whose concern is the homeland and the preservation of its security and people.

He stressed that the armed forces have no affiliation except to the army and do not know tribalism, but rather rely on and advocate nationalism, reassuring the Sudanese people on the army’s move forward to achieve national unity.

Al-Burhan ha sent a message in his address to the youth of the revolution, saying: “We do not want unilateral solutions and, we tell the youth we are with you, for a civil rule guarded by the armed forces.”

indicated that the command has been working throughout the past period to serve the forces and the cause of the transformation that the people rose to achieve in 2019, appreciating the sacrifices of the youth that were made for the sake of change, and it is keen to stand by everyone who seeks to achieve the people’s hopes and aspirations in the right way, through real change that is not dedicated to the interest of any one party.

Al-Burhan stressed that the Army has started the reform process since the Revolution and it is able to continue the process to develop and modernize it in a satisfactory manner, and will not allow any party to interfere in its affairs or work to dismantle it.

He also renewed his warnings to all political forces, including Islamists, Communists, Baathists and others, against the consequences of trying to harm the Armed Forces and inciting their members, and anyone who tries to do so will be considered by the Armed Forces as an enemy.

 In the same context, His Excellency denied existence of any bilateral settlement with a specific party, and noted that there is actually a paper submitted and the military leadership expressed its observations on it in a manner that preserves the dignity, independence and unity of the Armed Forces and ensures the unity of the country.

 He noted that this took place in the context of understandings with some leaders of freedom and change, who affirmed that they are working solely for the interest of the country, not for a specific group, and they are not working to restore the forces of freedom and change to power again.

Al-Burhan called on the political forces to sit down to this vision that was presented so that amendments and additions could be made to it in a way that would enable the country to move forward and stop the damage that affected many facilities in the country during the past years, and lead to a civilian government guarded by the Armed Forces instead of wasting time in assembling many initiatives made over in the past period.

He stressed that the next government should be composed of independents, not partisans, and free from quotas.

 At the end of his speech, His Excellency valued the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian parties, and stressed that efforts will not stop in order to address the outstanding issues between the two countries regarding the borders and the Renaissance Dam, as well as working with the brothers in the Republic of South Sudan to solve Abyei issue and other issues, and efforts will continue to create and sustain distinguished relations with all neighboring countries and the region.

Al-Burhan inspected the forces at Al-Markheyat Operational Base at the Special Forces camp, in the presence of the Chief of Staff, General Mohamed Osman Al-Hussein, members of the Command Authority, commanders of the main forces, units and formations in the capital, as well as the directors of departments of the Rapid Support Forces.

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