After hearing the last prosecution witness court move to hear the defendants’ statements and defenses of June 1989 coup plotters

Khartoum, (SUNA) – The last prosecution witness in the case of plotters of June 1989 coup, retired Major General Fadlallah Burmah Nasser, refused to describe what the former Minister of Defense, General Awad Ibn Auf, did on April 11, 2019 as a coup as it is siding with the Sudanese street, while what happened on the 30th. of June 1989 is considered a coup, because it is against a democratic authority and an elected government.

This came in the session of the court of the plotters of the June 30, 1989 coup today at the Institute of Legal and Judicial Sciences here, headed by Hon. Hussain Al-Jak Al-Sheikh, Supreme Court Judge.

The witness said that he retired in 1986 at the rank of major general, and on the thirtieth of June 1989 he occupied the position of Minister of Transport in the third democratic government, headed by late Sadiq Al-Mahdi.

Meanwhile, the prosecution committee requested the court to close the prosecution case.

On the other hand, the defense team petitioned the court to immediately return defendants Omer Al-Bashir, Bakri Hassan Salih, Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein and Ahmed Abdullah Al-Naw to Alia Hospital of the Armed Forces.

The court agreed to close the prosecution case and decided to allow the defense team to view the investigation file in preparation for moving to hear the defendants’ statements and defenses, starting from the next session, next Tuesday.

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