“We will not despair everyone will inevitably participate”… Thousands demonstrated against the last agreement and the military coup

Thousands demonstrated yesterday in Khartoum in the “December 13 March” rejecting the last agreement and the military coup and demanded the removal of the military from the ruling authority and justice for their victims.

Protesters reject the presence of the military component in any civil position in the country and adhere to justice
Protesters gathered at the Bashdar intersection, south of Khartoum the procession then moved towards the presidential palace, but police fired tear gas canisters to prevent the procession from advancing into the streets near the presidential palace.

The resistance committees reject the “framework agreement” as a rapprochement with the military, and demand that the generals step down from power and be held accountable.
The march moved down a main street to the Khartoum neighborhood (3), where security forces fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrations that enter the 13th month since Burhan’s coup against his civilian partners in power on October 25, 2021.
Iman, a protester, told (Ultra Sudan) news: “We want full civilian rule, we don’t want the military to be in power; they should have military missions.” “The current military cannot remain in any position,” Iman stressed.
She says that the ongoing protests will force the military to step down especially with the lack of a glimmer of hope for some civilian forces to reach a settlement that grants powers to the next government..
Protesters tried to push into Palace Street, but excessive repression by security forces and their extensive use of tear gas canisters prevented demonstrators from reaching the streets around the presidential palace in the centre of the capital.

Protesters say they do not despair no matter how long the protests last, because everyone will one day participate in them in light of the complex economic situation in this country, which relies on gold exports to cover the trade deficit.
According to statistics issued by multiple sources such as the Central Committee of Doctors (an independent medical body) and the organization “Hadhrin” working in the treatment of those injured from the protests, the coup resulted – during a year of protests – in the injury of about seven thousand people and the martyrdom of (122) people.

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