Turk threatens to secede eastern Sudan again

The head of the Council of Beja tribes and Independent Columns, Nazer Mohamed Al-Amin Turk, threatened to secede from Sudan if the current government did not resolve all the issues and concerns of the east.
Turk warned at a press conference in Khartoum on Wednesday against bypassing the citizens of eastern Sudan in any political issue, praising all citizens of the region.
He called on the Sovereign Council to expedite the completion of all necessary services for the people of eastern Sudan, which are health, roads, and educational services.
The head of the Supreme Council of Beja said that influential people in the transitional authority are working to divide the leaders of eastern Sudan and create supporters of the framework agreement
Addressing the workshop drafting the recommendations and decisions of the first and second Sinkat conferences, Turk said that there are influential people in the government and those in charge of the east, who are making blatant interventions in the issue and trying to create supporters for the framework agreement, as happened earlier by finding supporters for the eastern Sudan track included in the Juba agreement.
He stressed the need for government officials to support the tolerance of the region’s components to forget past bitterness and involve it in its cause instead of following a policy of creating supporters and opponents. “Those who left us know who divided us into two teams, and now there is a group in Khartoum at the behest of influential people to create supporters for them,” he said.
Turk announced his categorical rejection of the direction of the Supreme Committee to resolve the issue of eastern Sudan, headed by Hemedti, to establish a conference of the people of the region stipulated in the Juba Agreement in the coming days..
He criticized the forces of freedom and change – the Central Council – saying that they deal superficially with the issue of eastern Sudan, urging human rights organizations to determine the extent of the losses that affected the region in the previous war years and after their resistance to the path of the east.
Turk demanded that the eastern region be granted independence because of the deliberate disregard he finds from the government, adding: “Officials in power now are all concerned with not closing the ports again, but we pledge to them that the maritime facilities will remain open in exchange for granting us our independence.”

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