(Hemedti): Khartoum thwarted an attempt to overthrow the government in C.Africa, warns of “heinous” practices inside IDP’s camps

Al-Yurae-Khartoum’s foiled attempt to overthrow the Central African regime, Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti) said, adding that Sudanese authorities had closed the border with Central Africa “to ward off sedition and preserve good neighborliness.”

Hemedti accused unnamed parties of planning regime change in Central Africa, starting from within the Sudanese borders, and confirmed the arrest of those involved, pointing to the opening of control centers on the borders.
On the other hand, the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, warned of the great threats, which some camps for displaced people have been posing, to security and stability in Darfur states.
He stressed that there are heinous practices practiced by some unruly inside the camps, such as murder and torture, and revealed that there is a person named Yacoub Frey, who continued to practice killings and bury his victims inside the camp and threaten anyone who speaks or objects with death and tortures, pointing out that most of the tribal clashes that took place in Darfur, during which it was proven that these elements were involved and took refuge in the camps. He explained that the recent events in Zalingei witnessed shooting of Dushka weapons and machine guns against innocent citizens, calling for an end to these actions, so as not to affect peace and security in the region and stability in Darfur states.

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