Sudanese Diplomats calls for the largest mass protest and sit-in in history

The Democratic Assembly of Sudanese Diplomats called for the largest mass procession and sit-in in the history of Sudan, to denounce and condemn the crime of raping the child daughter of the official in the Committee for the Dismantling of the Former Regime.

The gathering said in a statement that the crime revealed the nature of the monster that the Sudanese people fight, in the streets every day, and also revealed that the enemy cannot be deterred and eradicated only by the unity of the masses and lift the lid on the real enemies and punish them, and this will only happen by lifting the lid on them by dropping the coup completely.
In statement said “The Democratic Assembly of Sudanese Diplomats condemned in the strongest terms the transformation of political dispute into the fields of settling scores, to affect the militants, their families and children, and the systematic moral killing”.
The gathering declared full solidarity with the child and her father, stressing that they stand with the family in one trench until the perpetrators are arrested and brought to urgent justice, calling on the Sudanese police to urgently uncover this heinous crime and achieve justice.

The gathering called on resistance committees, women’s organizations throughout Sudan, professional organizations, trade unions, merchants and all honest people to organize the largest procession to condemn the heinous act and ask the authorities to expose it and bring it to justice.
Also called on the central forces of freedom and change, unions and professionals, for a general strike that does not end without bringing the perpetrators to the courts and those behind them, whoever they are.

The statement called for building the largest and widest national democratic front to overthrow the coup and dismantle the hateful regime of the thirtieth of June, and to build a homeland in which criminals in the name of religion do not abuse children, and its resources are not looted, and its assets and land are sold to foreigners.

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