ISIS affiliate ‘Takfiri’ Leaders in Sudan Arrive in Kabul to Support the Taliban

KHARTOUM -Al-Yurae- (Al-Democratic) – Radical Islamists Abdul Hai Yusuf and Mohammed Abdul Karim suddenly appeared in the Afghan capital Kabul during a visit to support the ruling Taliban, according to the Khartoum newspaper Al-Sudani on Wednesday.

“Abdul Hai Yusuf and Muhammad Abdul Karim, are leaders of (takfiri) Islamic extremist group in Sudan, which were made by the former regime, as their history is full of issuing fatwas that were requested by the Bashir regime, and they also worked to mobilize Sudanese youth to fight in the ranks of terrorist organizations in “Syria, Libya and Iraq.”

The newspaper said that “Abdul Hai and Muhammad Abdul Karim” arrived in Kabul, coming from Turkey, which they fled to after the fall of the former regime
and that ‘the two men
held meetings with the Minister of Interior of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Sirajuddin Haqqani, and the Minister of Higher Education, Nidaa Mohammad Nadim, who assured the delegation that the Taliban’s goal is to implement the Sharia of God in its true sense, and for which they face a campaign of criticism from Western countries and some Islamic countries’.

The newspaper said in a report written by journalist specializing in the affairs of Islamic groups, Al-Hadi Muhammad Al-Amin, that “the meeting with the Minister of Higher Education comes against the backdrop of a wave of widespread criticism from European countries, the United States of America and regional and international organizations, for the Taliban’s decisions to ban university education on girls.”

stated that the Afghan Interior Minister presented the delegation with a model of Al-Aqsa, in reference to the interdependence of the Afghan issue with the Palestinian cause.”

It pointed out that “the visit comes in response to the invitation from the spokesman for the Taliban movement, Zabihullah Mujahid, presented to the two , when he met them in Istanbul, Turkey , as they represent leaders in the Board of Trustees of the International Organization for the Support of the Prophet of Islam,, the International Union of Muslim Scholars, and the Association of Scholars.”

The newspaper said that “the step of Sheikhs Abdul Hai Yusuf and Mohammed Abdul Karim, came at the wrong and deadly time, and in the shadow of fierce regional and international conflicts, and cases of sharp global polarization between a number of poles and axes.”

The visit is an adventure and pole vault that increases the cost and load placed on the shoulders of the two “sheikhs”, who are being pursued by accusations of inciting and drifting al-Shabaab to areas of operations where al-Qaeda and ISIS are fighting outside the country, including Afghanistan,the report went to say, explained that the land of Afghans is now embracing “the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the Sururi Movement, and the Muslim Brotherhood, in a new combination that may try to create a new reality in the near future.”

The newspaper pointed to the participation of elements of the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood, in the liberation of Afghanistan from Russian forces, in addition to the presence of Sudanese fighters under the umbrella of al-Qaeda founded by Osama bin Laden, who had previously settled in Khartoum during the period from 1991 to 1996, before leaving for Afghanistan under a partnership and a new alliance with the Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Omar

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