Human Rights Commission welcomes dropping death penalty

Khartoum-(SUNA) – The National Commission for Human Rights has welcomed the trend for dropping the death sentence in all cases excepting the retribution.

The commission underlined in a press statement it issued today, Friday that it has been following up and pre-occupied with death penalty and those who were convicted to it.

“Accordingly, the National Commission for Human Rights confirms, welcomes, commends, and strongly encourages this trend, as it enhances the respect and protection of the state for the right to life as the most important human right “the statement said.

The commission affirmed its strong position on the death sentence in line with the international standards, calling on the state to take the required measures, including holding of reconciliations between blood relatives and those convicted of pre-mediated murder.

The commission, further, renewed its demand for freezing of the implementation of all death sentences upon the formation of the Constitutional Court, in order to provide all means of litigation and appeals to national courts for those sentenced to death, and to affirm that the death penalty violates a constitutional right, which is the right to life.

The National Commission for Human Rights will continue its efforts, with the participation of civil society, in order to deepen the societal debate on the death penalty, and then submit recommendations regarding it to decision makers.

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