Collapse of 85% of the structure of the irrigation network in Al-Jazira project


The “Alliance of Al-Jazira Farmers and Al-Managel” revealed that 85% of the structure of the project’s irrigation network, based mainly on a streamlined irrigation system, has collapsed.

The coalition said in a press statement that the collapse occurred by 85% of the structure of the irrigation network. In turn, the representatives Bodies Gathering explained that this collapse occurs in conjunction with other cracks suffered by Al-Jazira and AlManagel project, and amid persecution operations that affected many farmers due to the inability to repay the accumulated loans in favor of companies that managed to control the production process, and were allocated to impoverish farmers, through their control over the prices of production inputs and crop revenues as well through the Agricultural Bank.

The gathering called for restoring the stolen rights of farmers, protecting them from greed that besieges them before, after and during each season, developing fair solutions to their issues, and reviewing the laws that inherit poverty, and farmers may lose their land as an inevitable result of its continuation.

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