Sudan announces the integration of the first batches from the SPLSA-north Fighters into its armed forces

Al-Damazin, -(SUNA) – The Commandership of the Fourth Infantry Division received Friday, at Al-Disa Training Center in northern Damazin, the first batch of the SPLSA-north soldiers in Blue Nile to officially integrated to the armed forces, as the Governor of the Blue Nile Region Lt. Gen. Ahmed Al-Omda Badi inaugurated the program within the framework of the security arrangements of

Addressing the soldiers of the security arrangements at the Disa Training Center, the governor of the Blue Nile region directed the batch that was attached to the armed forces to the necessity of adhering to the directives of the armed forces in order to preserve the soil of the homeland, adding that the batch that was attached is a real addition to the armed forces, police and security forces in the region.


He appreciated the positions of the supreme leadership at the country level and its keenness to complete the security arrangements, stressing the keenness of the regional government to support joint cooperation with the federal authorities in order to complete the security arrangements and reconcile the conditions of the various groups, stressing that the effort is directed towards collecting weapons after completing the security arrangements.


The Commander of the Blue Nile Military Region, Maj. Gen. Siddiq Al-Mansi stated that the Governor’s visit came within the framework of addressing the obstacles facing the security arrangements, calling on the new batch to adhere to discipline in order to achieve the goals aimed at protecting the country, stressing the progress in the procedures of the D.D.R program, urging all the soldiers of the security arrangements outside the center to join the procedures within a week.


Maj. Al-Mansi praised the positions of the soldiers of the security arrangements and their patience in order to complete the security arrangements, commending the positions of the SPLA-North Commander-in-Chief Lt. Gen. Malik Agar and his concern with the completion of the security arrangements.

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