Juba Peace Agreement Conference to be launched tomorrow

Khartoum – Al-Yurae- (SUNA) – The open sittings of the Conference of Juba Agreement on Peace in Sudan and Completion of Peace will be launched in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum Tomorow within framework of the final phase of the tripartite mechanism-sponsored political process in Sudan.
In the same context, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, member of the Sovereignty Council and head of the Revolutionary Front, said that the importance of the peace workshop, which will start tomorrow, Tuesday, lies in the fact that it discusses one of the most important issues that have accompanied the national crisis since independence, which is addressing the issue of war and peace.
He said in a statement (to SUNA), that the previous regimes ignored this important file and thus led us to unstable democratic experiences and created justifications for military coups, meaning that Sudan became a troubled country that lacked any national project.
He believed that tomorrow’s workshop on peace represents a new opportunity to address this important issue, which will open the door wide for meaningful dialogue leading to a stable democratic civilian government that can implement the Juba Peace Agreement, reform the civil, military and economic services, and return Sudan again to integration with international economic institutions and carry out the requirements of free and fair elections.
He added that tomorrow’s workshop discusses the reasons for the non-implementation of the Juba Agreement and the mobilization of resources and political support for implementation, as it comes in the context of providing the appropriate climate for the implementation of the agreement, indicating that this is what was agreed upon between the parties in the closed workshop, whose recommendations were deposited with the tripartite mechanism.

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